Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Long Time, No Crochet

I haven't forgotten about crocheting or updating my blog but it certainly seems that way. Sorry for anyone that actually reads or used to read my blog. I have gotten caught up in another hobby, jewelry making, that has consumed all of my free time.

I plan to start crocheting again at some point but I am uncertain of when so please check back every once in a while for updates and new projects!


Debbi-a1 said...

How about crocheting jewelry? Bead crochet? I also like to make jewelry but have tried to balance my time between crochet and bead work.

Lov2Crochet said...

I have thought about it but never really looked into it. The kind of jewelry that is in demand in my area is the soldered kind. Basically you pick an image and cut it to the size you want, cut 2 pieces of glass the same size, put the image between the 2 pieces, run copper foil around the edge and solder- the same basic idea of soldering stained glass.

I have 2 shops in my town that buy my stuff and I can't make it fast enough for them. I like doing it b/c its another easy way to make money but at the same time I would rather crochet. Maybe someday I will find a perfect balance.