Thursday, November 8, 2007

In a Funk...

The last few months I have been working on projects that were kind of "have to" not just for fun. Seems like when ever you have something that you have to make, it takes the fun out of making it just b/c you want to.

I made a baby blanket that was requested by one of Dh's co-workers for her to give to her cousin. I made a comfortghan for one of Dh's co-workers b/c her husband passed away. I have made several squares to send to other crocheters for comfortghans they were making for someone. Then I started a comfortghan myself for my friend b/c her mom is dying of cancer. I got everything done but putting the squares together for my friends comfortghan and I just dread sewing it together b/c I haven't ever done it before and I am scared it won't turn out.

Anyway, so I haven't been wanting to crochet the last couple of weeks b/c I am burned out. I hate feeling like that b/c I love to crochet and make new things all the time. I need to get this comfortghan done in time before my friend's mom passes away, maybe I will start it tonight...

Here is the baby blanket I made:

Here is the comfortghan I made for Dh's co-worker: