Thursday, March 22, 2007

Being apart of the group...

I enjoy crocheting so much that I have joined several more Yahoo exchange groups. I am now in the CL Ornaments, CL Dishcloths, CL Doily/Coaster, and I just joined a new one today that is for exchanging anything crochet related. I have completed my 2nd exchange round in the ornaments group, my first round with the dishcloth group and I am getting ready to send my JIC (Just In Case) package to the doily/coaster group so I can get started with them next round.

Right now I am working on 2 different projects. I am making a varigated ripple afghan for my husband and myself and I am making a rectangular baby granny square blanket. I love making baby size afghans because they work up so fast, not because I actually have someone I am making them for, lol


joanne said...

Dear Lov2Crochet I found your blog today and you have posted some great pictures of your completed projects. I really love the Blue and white round baby afghan and the fruit punch one. I was wondering if you would sell the pattern for it or let me know where you got it from.

Lov2Crochet said...

Joanne- I got the pattern out of a Leisure Arts booklet called New Crochet Basics #777. You can buy the book on some web sites I found. E-mail me and I will help you out-