Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How it all started...

I started crocheting about 7 years ago. My MIL was working on a granny square afghan and she showed me how to start it. My first project was a baby blanket. I started without having a pattern, I was just going to make a blanket from DC but I couldn't get the sides to even out b/c I wasn't chaining 3 at the end of the rows, so I got frustrated and quit.

Then my interest got sparked again just 2 years ago by my Dh's boss. She made all her employees crochet snowflake ornaments. She offered to help me get started again and taught me how to read patterns. The rest is history!

I had been working on new patterns for snowflake ornaments for my co-workers and I just recently made several baby blankets because both of my SILs are/were pregnant and I wanted to give them something special for the baby.

I just can't seem to get enough! I have been crocheting daily for the last several months. When I get something finished, I look for something else to start. I thought people were crazy for being addicted to buying yarn but I find myself looking at the weekly Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann ads to see if yarn is on sale, lol

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